The Choice And Thereafter…

Today, as I was surfing the net, I came up on a wonderful story about how a guy was a given a choice by his fiancée, what he chose and his life thereafter. The story was written by Debo Dasgupta as an answer to a question he was asked on a website. The story is both interesting and inspiring. I’d like you to read the story and enjoy yourself: Continue reading “The Choice And Thereafter…”

Life Without Facebook: 10 Points

Life is great without Facebook. I have a personal experience regarding that. I decided to quit Facebook after I realised that it was Facebook who was using me rather than the other way round. It’s been over six months since I deactivated my Facebook account. Initially I was a bit sceptical about taking that step as I found it difficult, scratching my brains to figure Continue reading “Life Without Facebook: 10 Points”

The Irony of Success and Failure

“I don’t know how this happened! It was all good luck..!” – Nobody, ever.

LuckOne day, I was sitting in the coffee shop and I heard two guys discussing something that caught my attention. As I was alone, I decided to listen to them for a while and then join the conversation. They were talking something about luck. One of them (say X) had gone for an interview, but was not hired. He was constantly cursing his luck while the other (say Y) was consoling him. They were strangers to me, yet I decided to shift my place to their table.

As I pulled out a chair, sat beside them and joined the conversation, I figured out that it was all about perception. X vehemently claimed that he had Continue reading “The Irony of Success and Failure”

Are You Being Too Social?

Being social is good, but being too social is definitely harmful if you do not know how to maintain your checks and balances. Let me explain it like this:

Look at yourself. Are you too social? If yes, then you have a lot of friends you care about. You share your joys and sorrows with them. You won’t be lonely when you are sad, as having so many friends, there will always be a bunch of friends who’ll Continue reading “Are You Being Too Social?”

The Magical Creed

The Magical Creed   Last night, while going through a book by Napoleon Hill, I found this interesting creed which was written by a woman for her husband. The woman asked her husband to sign the creed and hang it in front of him where he could see it all day long while at his work. The man did as directed, followed the creed and later became a very successful businessman. I liked the creed and wanted to share it with you. Here is a copy of the creed:

Continue reading “The Magical Creed”

Winter Cycling!

Winter Cycling!Winter has just dawned in my city. The coldness of the smooth breeze on my face when I cycle around my varsity sends “happiness chills” to my body every evening. Its a wonderful feeling to ride through the nature, with the lovely sight of the sunset, the trees and the birds chirruping above the trees as they reach home after the day’s hard work. The entire world seems to be happy. And that makes me happy.

As I cycle through my varsity lanes, I forget everything except for the fact that I need to be happy then, with an Continue reading “Winter Cycling!”

A Walk In The Greens

It was yesterday afternoon, after my classes got over. I had nothing to do then, except going back to my hostel and have a nap as usual. That was when I decided to do something different. Why not explore the vicinity of the University?

I crossed the highway and headed towards the road leading to the Professors’ Colony. As I entered the colony, my eyes began opening wider and wider with every step I took. The ambience of Continue reading “A Walk In The Greens”