A Walk In The Greens

It was yesterday afternoon, after my classes got over. I had nothing to do then, except going back to my hostel and have a nap as usual. That was when I decided to do something different. Why not explore the vicinity of the University?

I crossed the highway and headed towards the road leading to the Professors’ Colony. As I entered the colony, my eyes began opening wider and wider with every step I took. The ambience of the place enthralled me. It was a place so beautiful. There were small narrow streets which had lovely houses on one side and a big square field on the other side. Each and every house had its own small garden of different flowers- orchids, dahlias, marigolds, bougainvilleas and gladiolas etc. The field had green grass all over it with big trees on the borders. A few yards from the square field was a small,  lush green tea garden.The place was so green, so serene. In some areas there were wild flowers, bamboo fences and thatched shades. It was a wonderful place.


I roamed about the place, enjoying each and every moment. The gentle breeze was in its full charisma, making me feel it on my face and on my ears with the rustling of the leaves. I felt like I was been carried out of my workaholic world to a different world- a carefree world where roaming aimlessly was the only work. I never wanted to come out of that world of rainbows and butterflies.

I wondered why I had never known about this place so beautiful, located just opposite my University. I wondered why I had never been there earlier. Was I so busy? Did I not have time even for this beautiful nature?

Later that night, as I lied on my bed, I kept remembering the visit. It felt so good, so energizing, so rejuvenating. I realised that our busy schedule deprives us of many wonderful things present around us. Nature is one of those many beautiful things. We just need to dedicate a little time to ourselves to discover and explore the beautiful world we live in. Colourful flowers, humming bees, painted butterflies, green grasses, a green tea garden, wild shrubs, the rustling leaves of the trees, trees without leaves casting their shadows, yellow leaves on the road…the list of nature’s wonders is endless and the joy and satisfaction of being with nature cannot be described in words; it can just be felt.

© Barnadhya Rwitam Sharma

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