The new strain

 I have heard it
 they have found a new strain
 of the virus, perhaps more dangerous
 than this one wreaking havoc now
 and nobody knows yet
 how to control it.
 Christmas is cancelled
 just like the festivities of other people
 who could not pray to their gods
 this time, like they did before.
 The doors to the gods were shut
 may be
 even gods fear the virus
 unlike some people
 who call the pandemic a hoax
 and skip instructions, to be
 the woke “free-spirits” beating
 “fake news” for some cheap stunt
 and flocking around in groups
 while someone somewhere
 battles for life in some hospital
 with tubes in and out of every hole
 in their body, and
 running out of places
 for needles to be pricked anymore.
 The birds chirp in my balcony
 the bees hum sometimes
 while a dog barks on the road.
 they don’t care, they never did
 I think animals have better lives
 times like these make me ponder
 if ignorance is really bliss.
 Only time will tell
 how many survive this virus
 how many died
 the human capital we lost
 the new normal we ushered in
 the compassion we learnt, if any,
 reflections of the survivors
 lessons from a pandemic;
 so I will wait, and watch
 if I live long enough, till
 atheists turn believers
 or believers turn atheists.

© Barnadhya Rwitam