I have seen them in countless forms
 some flow freely
 some like disconnected lines
 some rhyme so well
         - you can just sing along
 while some are just paragraphs
 with line breaks, or it appears so.
 Broadly they are the same
 yet they are always different
 flowing out of different minds
 each having a story to tell
 short or long, or abstract
 but I have never understood
 if there’s some standard,
 or definition, or benchmark
 as to
 how should a poem be.
 Free verse or haiku
 they are never alike
 sometimes I think people just
 write them down,
 the things that cross their minds
 weaving a poem out of it
 and someone somewhere
 will read and  relate,
 and contemplate and decide,
 whatever they have read,
 is a poem,
 while some others will dismiss it
 as being nothing or perhaps
 just a “write up”.
 I had thought about it
 all evening yesterday
 should I just write my thoughts,
 and if I do
 should the lines flow free,
 if not rhyme
 what is it that it’d be called
 if it turns out to be just
 some scrabbled lines?
 and so I did it today
 and scribbled some words
 like a poem
 with a hope that it is one
 and I have to end it somewhere
 now, so here comes -
 the end of it. 

© Barnadhya Rwitam

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