A myriad of thoughts
you hold in your mind
good, bad, dystopian and ugly,
they have all been there
like the chapters of a book
stitched together
all the while,
just lying there,
sometimes to be pondered
otherwise forgotten.

You think of weaving them all
into stories or poems
and letting them out
to be read by someone
as in a book.

You think what they'd think
when they read
what you wrote -
would they judge you
or would they adore you?
What would you draw more
praises or loathing,
you already know that,
and for you
friction is concerning. 

Then is when you feel
and wish to have
a taste of anonymity,
perhaps with a pseudonym
as a sword and a shield
to arm you with indifference 
to get your thoughts flowing
not caring about comments,
judgements or even, praise.

© Barnadhya Rwitam