Happiness Is…Free Wi-Fi..!

While everything comes with a price tag, you get free Wi-Fi at your hostel! What can be better!?

Yes, I mean every word of it. Nothing comes for free today. Even drinking water costs money. But what I recently got in my hostel is something that comes for free. Okay, you already know it from the title- free Wi-Fi.

A Wi-Fi Router
The source of real happiness in a hostel- A Wi-Fi Router

Since the last week, access to free Wi-Fi has been provided in my hostel. The moment we, the hostel boarders, got the password of the routers, our joys knew no bounds. We people started checking for our network connection. As usual, the best way to check your connection is to open google.com. I guess, that’s what everybody does. And once it was found that the Wi-Fi worked, people started logging into any website they could think of. The speed was good and videos played without buffering. All were happy.

A week has passed. And today, there are more computers using Wi-Fi in my hostel as compared to the first day. The number of computers using Wi-Fi is inversely proportional to the speed of the Wi-Fi. Now you can have a picture of how our Wi-Fi is working. Internet speed has decreased quite noticeably. Yet, the numbers of Wi-Fi users does not seem to come down.

Free-WiFiThe only hindrance is the electricity problem which the whole of India is facing right now. No electricity, no Wi-Fi. Also, access to Wi-Fi has not been provided for cell phones and tabs. Still, I am happy that I get quite a decent internet speed on my laptop and the most important part is that, it’s FREE!

© Barnadhya Rwitam Sharma

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