A “Funny” Video Of A Fish Forced To Smoke

There have been many inhuman activities going on around the world today. Murders, communal conflicts, international wars are a few deadly ones to name. The news from these happenings seem to be  very disturbing every morning when I go through the news headlines. But today, something different hit me hard.

I went through a video clip of 31 seconds. But there was nothing in that video that I could appreciate for a second. It just reminded me to what extent humanity has deteriorated today. Now let me tell you what I saw.

The video was shot by some cruel fishermen who had caught a fish, a beautiful golden fish. The fish was out of water and was puffing for air. I don’t know what this looked like to the fishermen, but they put a lit cigarette into its mouth. And the poor helpless fish was left to tolerate the deadly smoke for 30 seconds, finally throwing it out. The fishermen found it too funny to control their laughter. They were so amused that all I could hear in the video were their constant bursts of laughter.

This was the mentality of the fishermen. They were not reluctant to harass their sole source of livelihood. They could not realise that the fish was too helpless to react to their brutal activity rather than entertaining them, no matter how it felt within.

The video was posted on YouTube and Live Leakwebiste where people have been expressing anguish over the cruel act. Animal lovers all over the world have also criticized the act. Yet it is not known who had uploaded the video.

I guess some people have no feelings, no heart. This is not just acceptable! I mean, how can you torture a helpless creature this way? And then how can you burst into laughter? If you want to kill it, then you better kill it; why torture it?!

I don’t think my questions can be answered. I doubt if they even have an answer. Man has reached a point beyond comparison. Humanity has no value. Culture and ethics have gone to hell long back. Brutal cruelty is all we have among us now.

Click here to see the video yourself.

© Barnadhya Rwitam Sharma

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