Integrity – Underrated But Important

Integrity is the unification of thought and action. It is a remarkable trait to be incorporated as a core value in one’s life. It makes a person trustworthy and worth relying upon. It is an underrated value with a potential to change the life of a person for better. A person with a lack of integrity can be very unpredictable and inconsistent in his actions.

It is rare because it is difficult. People with a high degree of integrity display the ability to stand firm on their moral, spiritual and ethical principles of life. They live up to their own right code of conduct, even in times of adversity. This is what makes integrity a rare value in people. It takes a lot of courage to not deceive oneself when no one is watching or there is nothing major at stake.

It makes people socially conscious and professionally responsible. If someone had carved out a reputation for integrity, he will try to maintain it at all costs. This subconsciously instils dedication and commitment in every action one does. No one wants to be called a hypocrite or unreliable person.

It inculcates decisiveness in a person. A person with integrity will have to be decisive in order to announce accomplishable targets. He’d know that a U-turn won’t be possible later. This improves his clarity of thought and decision making abilities. Fickle minded decisions and false promises do not come from such persons.

Integrity is a self-fulfilling prophecy that builds character. Staying truthful to oneself and realising it is a psychologically rewarding activity. It boosts self-esteem and strengthens willpower. The confidence to stay firm about one’s convictions inspires him to maintain his streak of continuity. This initiates an eternal cyclic process which builds character and reputation in the long run.

The benefits are many. People admire people with integrity. They like it when they can have the assurance to blindly rely on someone and expect him to remain true to his words. Also, integrity holistically encompasses many other desirable traits like honesty, consistency and accountability. People love to have such persons around them who radiate positive vibes and inspire others. This in turn, leads to strong interpersonal relationships and more fulfilling lives.