People like to gossip. It provides them dopamine to go through their mundane lives.

The Pleasure of Solitude

"Walking with the crowd will usually take you no further than the crowd. Walking alone will take you to the places you've never been." This year has started differently for me. My vacations started from 1st January and while all my friends decided to go home during the vacation, I decided to stay back at the... Continue Reading →

The Choice And Thereafter…

Today, as I was surfing the net, I came up on a wonderful story about how a guy was a given a choice by his fiancée, what he chose and his life thereafter. The story was written by Debo Dasgupta as an answer to a question he was asked on a website. The story is both interesting... Continue Reading →

A Dinner Invitation Gone Wrong

At present, I'm about 500 kilometres away from home, undergoing a summer intern-ship in an Oil Company. Few of my university seniors work in the same company. Today, as I was walking through the market area with one of my friends (Shantanu) undergoing the same intern-ship, I was suddenly greeted by a senior (Sid Da).... Continue Reading →

7 Things Education Doesn’t Teach

Textual knowledge is not everything in life. Marks may get you a good rank or pointer, but will hardly help you cope up with today's world.  What one requires today are skills, wits and presence of mind. Education teaches us many things. But there are some certain things that do not fall into the ambit... Continue Reading →

The Irony of Success and Failure

"I don’t know how this happened! It was all good luck..!" - Nobody, ever. One day, I was sitting in the coffee shop and I heard two guys discussing something that caught my attention. As I was alone, I decided to listen to them for a while and then join the conversation. They were talking... Continue Reading →

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