Big forehead

 I have seen bigshots
 who are bald
 Chanakya, Gandhi,
 Putin, Chester, Bezos,
 and I have seen others
 who have made it big in life
 are bald, almost bald, and
 if not bald, they have
 one thing in common –
 a big forehead;
 like Musk.
 Bald men are men
 with big foreheads;
 their head in entirety 
 is a forehead.
 They say destiny of every man
 is written by God.
 But to write something
 He needs space;
 and I think that’s what
 the forehead is for –
 to write good things
 for life
 for making it big.
 I pity men with narrow foreheads,
 like me. 

© Barnadhya Rwitam