The Choice And Thereafter…

Today, as I was surfing the net, I came up on a wonderful story about how a guy was a given a choice by his fiancée, what he chose and his life thereafter. The story was written by Debo Dasgupta as an answer to a question he was asked on a website. The story is both interesting and inspiring. I’d like you to read the story and enjoy yourself:

I have a  friend, NIT graduate used to work for one of the largest steel makers in the world, and in due course of time he was engaged to his girlfriend.  Two years into the job he applied for and was accepted into the prestigious Indian Military Academy.

When he broke this news to his girlfriend she immediately put a choice to him “Either join the Army or marry me”. My friend chose the Army, and thus the engagement was called off. Sad ending no? But wait, this happened next :

My friend joined the IMA, passed out this year and currently is busy being a certified bad-ass at 11,000 ft above sea level while commanding immense respect from his former colleagues, boss, classmates, dorm mates etc. The pay is decent but more than that there is this sense of satisfaction . After all manning a  post at the second coldest place on Earth requires something more than ordinary but best of all ‘Captain. ABC’ of  the Brigade of the Guards is a lot more awesome intro than Mr. ABC, Analyst at So & So.

But wait, his engagement broke, joining the army screwed his married life no??!! Apparently not.  While at the IMA he met a beautiful and compassionate  lady at the ball party, asked her out and he’s getting engaged in 4 days. Net loss? Nothing! Net Gain? Everything!

Oh and by the way the lady who broke off the engagement earlier? She’s now calling him regretting her “mistake”.  True story!

So, what this story says is something that we all know – Follow your dreams, all the other things will eventually come to youI don’t know if this story is actually true. But anyways, thanks for the answer Debo.

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