Winter Cycling!

Winter Cycling!Winter has just dawned in my city. The coldness of the smooth breeze on my face when I cycle around my varsity sends “happiness chills” to my body every evening. Its a wonderful feeling to ride through the nature, with the lovely sight of the sunset, the trees and the birds chirruping above the trees as they reach home after the day’s hard work. The entire world seems to be happy. And that makes me happy.

As I cycle through my varsity lanes, I forget everything except for the fact that I need to be happy then, with an open mind, open to all the positivity and happiness it can ever hold. My feeling of fatigue is overcome by the pleasure I get at that moment. The only things which disturb me then are the speed breakers placed after some definite distances or some speeding car honking behind me.

I know cycling has many health benefits. But those do not matter to me when I am on my cycle in these golden evenings. All I know is that I have my two-wheeled beauty with proper shocks for a smooth ride in all terrains. Cycling with my arms wide open, watching the hand-less handlebar maintain its alignment with the crossbar, and then towards the never ending road in front of me drifts me to another higher state of happiness. Even the polluted air (if present sometimes) seems like the freshest air available on the planet. Indeed, cycling gives me one of the best feelings I encounter during the day!

If you too have a bicycle, try riding it by the lanes, amidst the greens. Take long breathes as you ride your beauty. If you can strike the perfect balance on the lonely road, try opening your arms wide and feel the air push you in the gentlest way it can. Feel the coldness of the dawning winter on your face; feel it as it slowly enters your body and you get those micro chills, fuelling a smile on your face.


Feel the vibe and enjoy the ride.

Happy winter cycling folks!

© Barnadhya Rwitam Sharma

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