Few Things To Remember For A Better Diwali

Diwali is coming…

1. When you shop and come back avoid talking about your purchases in the rickshaw/taxi in which you travel. The driver will feel bad because he can’t buy the same for his kids.

2. When you burst firecrackers, give some to your watchman so that he can give it to his kids. You dont need so much anyways.

3. When you ask your maid to clean the house, stand beside her and help her with her work. She will be cleaning two houses this diwali.

4. When you make some sweets give it to the kachrawaala who come to your house, so that he may have something nice to hold for a change.

5. We will surely have a Happy And A Prosperous Diwali, but there are other people less fortunate than us, who won’t. Don’t let them feel that. Include them in your love.

This diwali don’t just increase diabetics, pollution and your credit card bills. Increase smiles.

This Diwali make someone smile.

Spread Happiness!

(Inspired from a similar message I received in whatsapp.) 

– Barnadhya Rwitam Sharma

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