Why Do I Blog?

I have started blogging earlier this year. And ever since I have started blogging, I have been getting a lot of questions like “What is blogging?”, “Why do you blog?”, “What does one get by blogging?” and so on. So, I have decided to write this post regarding blogging, why one blogs and what blogging means to me.

According to some websites, blogging is an interactive form of publishing content on the internet. It can be developed into a hobby (like I have done) or it can be just a casual or occasional delight. Let me begin with a few simple and basic questions before I get to the central part of this post.

What is a blog?

Wikipedia says, A blog is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and  consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first)”. Yes, that’s what a blog is. It is a platform where one gets to express his or her ideas publicly on the internet. A blog may be a site where one publishes writings like articles, poems, short stories etc. or it can be a site where one publishes their photographs, cooking recipes, lifestyle methods and so on.

Who is a blogger?

A blogger is a person who owns a blog and posts entries on it. The entries may be writings, photographs or whatever he posts on his blog according to his will.

Why blogging?

Now let me come to the central motive of this post with this question. Blogging is the way of creating a blog and maintaining it with relevant activities. For a writer, blogging means writing new articles/poems/stories etc. for his blog and posting them. For a photographer, blogging would be posting his photographs on his blog.Image

If you ask me why do people blog, I will not be able to give you an absolutely correct answer because blogging has different meanings for different people. For some, it may be a profession and for others, it may be just a hobby. Most blogs are professional ones where bloggers advertise their products. These bloggers may not be individual persons but a small group of individuals who have collectively formed a group or started a small business and have taken blogging as a mode to promote their group or products. And yes, a blog can also belong to a music band where the band uploads their latest songs and news. In short you see, the motive of blogging is multi-dimensional.

Why do I blog?

Now I elucidate my personal stance on blogging. I blog because I feel, rather than wasting my leisure time thinking unnecessary things or laying like log on my bed, why can’t I do something that is both productive and joyful? By the word ‘productive’ I do not mean to say that I earn something by blogging. No. It has got nothing to do regarding monetary benefits. It is productive because I get to express my views on a colossal platform rather than staying reticent.

A lot of things come to my mind when I start thinking. My thoughts belong to a wide range of categories- lifestyle, struggle, society, politics, human psychology, way of life, religion, music, photography, food and a lot more. Thoughts come and go. A hectic life prevents me from keeping in mind everything that comes to my mind. And a few months back felt, why not pen down my thoughts and write them out some time later? Writing on a diary would mean to keep my thoughts all for myself and blogging would mean to share it with the world. I made up my mind to take up blogging as a hobby last year.

And then, having made blogging my hobby, I opened up this blog and have been trying my best to post my views frequently. But being occupied with work, I am not able to post on a regular basis. Albeit I have not set any goal for my blogging activity, I try to write something whenever I get time amidst my busy schedule. My blog is not concentrated on any topic. It is random; it is me.

Now this is what blogging means to me. And if you too feel the same, create your own blog and start blogging!


© Barnadhya Rwitam Sharma

Image courtesy: http://www.google.com

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