The Comment

“Hello Stranger. If you are reading this, I wish you smile every day, I wish you are strong, fighting for your dreams. God bless you.”

I saw this comment with some “2K likes” in a video of some relaxing sleep music in YouTube, and it got me thinking what could have prompted him to write it – to wish well for strangers there. It wasn’t the first time I’ve read such a comment. I remember people wishing for the long lives of the viewer’s mother or father with some comments like this, in some other videos, earlier and it got me wondering today, again.

Is he trying to sprinkle something good for the reader to be happy for a moment, has he gone through some tough times that he doesn’t want others to undergo, is he just another good guy being himself and wishing good for everyone, or did he comment just for “likes” or some cheap thrills; and I’d like to believe that my last guess isn’t the reason amidst the plethora of other possibilities.

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