Cure Your Whatsapp Addiction

Whatsapp is one of the excellent retarding agents we all can’t live without (probably). I have seen my productive time decrease drastically due to Whatsapp. No, I was not a Whatsapp addict; I just kept receiving Whatsapp notifications all though the day, or whenever I turned on my smartphone’s mobile data. As I was thinking of ways to deal with this problem, I struck upon these two efficient steps which you can try out: 

1. Go to the settings panel of your smartphone and un-tick the Cure Whatsapp AddictionShow notifications” checkbox. Now, you won’t receive whatsapp notifications all through the day or whenever you turn on internet. Rather, you’ll get all your messages when you specifically open the Whatsapp app.

You can do this if you are a member of numerous useless Whatsapp groups created by your friends and you keep receiving whatsapp notifications throughout the day, distracting you from your work or while reading a useful article on the internet.

2. The best option : Uninstall it.

If you are really serious about curing your addiction and distractions due to Whatsapp, just uninstall it. At least for a few days or weeks, if not forever. During the few days or weeks you’ll be living without using Whatsapp, you will be automatically cured of your addiction to it.

Yes, that’s all you need to do to tame Whatsapp. Too simple, right?

© Barnadhya Rwitam Sharma

Representational images from Google.

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