The Simple Dr. Abdul Kalam I Knew

The news of the death of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam came as a shock to every Indian today. I could not believe the news for a long time and prayed it to be a hoax. But my prayers were never answered and I realised, that great man was no more.

As I sat back and thought about Dr. Kalam, I recollected something that he said during one of his student interaction programmes. It was 2nd February, 2011 and he was at Gauhati University to deliver the ‘V. Venkata Rao Memorial Lecture’. Anyone who has attended his student interaction programmes knows about the ‘Questioning and Interactive Session’ that he holds after delivering his lecture, every time. Students were asked to put forward questions to Dr. Kalam, which he would answer after his lecture. I and my friends jotted down a few questions, which were answered very briefly and crisply, leaving no further doubt. It was during that session when someone from the crowd stood up and asked him something like “How to be the second Abdul Kalam?”.
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Cure Your Whatsapp Addiction

Whatsapp is one of the excellent retarding agents we all can’t live without (probably). I have seen my productive time decrease drastically due to Whatsapp. No, I was not a Whatsapp addict; I just kept receiving Whatsapp notifications all though the day, or whenever I turned on my smartphone’s mobile data. As I was thinking of ways to deal with this problem, I struck upon these two efficient steps which you can try out:  Continue reading “Cure Your Whatsapp Addiction”

A Dinner Invitation Gone Wrong

At present, I’m about 500 kilometres away from home, undergoing a summer intern-ship in an Oil Company. Few of my university seniors work in the same company. Today, as I was walking through the market area with one of my friends (Shantanu) undergoing the same intern-ship, I was suddenly greeted by a senior (Sid Da). It feels good to meet someone in a new place. We started talking and discussed about a few things. Sid Da got us a bottle of Coke each and as we were sipping it, he offered to buy mutton and invited me for dinner tonight.
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The Unconventional Oil Theft

It was during my intern-ship at Oil India Limited, Duliajan, Assam this year when I got to interact with many people and got a glimpse of their lives. Usually during the field visits to the oil wells, I used to sit in the front seat of the vehicle and talk to the driver during the journey from office to the oil wells, located in the suburbs or remote areas. During one of the visits, Continue reading “The Unconventional Oil Theft”

7 Things Education Doesn’t Teach

Textual knowledge is not everything in life. Marks may get you a good rank or pointer, but will hardly help you cope up with today’s world.  What one requires today are skills, wits and presence of mind. Education teaches us many things. But there are some certain things that do not fall into the ambit of education for different reasons. You realize what those ‘certain things’ are, only when you face life and think out of the box for your survival.

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Indian Elections: A Magnanimous Affair

(This is a short essay on the topic "Indian Elections: A Magnanimous Affair With Its Own Pros And Cons" written for a college project.)

VoteIndia is the largest democratic country in the world and it has also been the most successful democratic country so far. India has a permanent constitutional body, the Election Commission of India, which conducts the Indian Elections. The Constitution of India has vested in the Election Commission of India the superintendence, direction and control of the entire process for conduction of elections to Parliament and Legislature of every State, and to the offices of President and Vice-President of India. This body ensures free and fair conduction of elections Continue reading “Indian Elections: A Magnanimous Affair”

Swine Flu: Symptoms & Prevention

Swine Flu, caused by the H1N1 virus, has been spreading fast in different parts of India as well as in our own state of Assam. While it isn’t as scary as it seemed a few years ago, it’s still important to protect yourself from getting it. Like seasonal flu, it can cause more serious health problems for some people.

In India, swine flu has affected more than 25,000 people and the current death toll is around 1400 (as on 9th March 2015). Assam has reported 2 deaths till now and around 10 persons are said to have been affected by the H1N1 virus. Continue reading “Swine Flu: Symptoms & Prevention”

Success = Hard work. Failure = Bad luck?

“I don’t know how this happened! It was all good luck..!” – Nobody, ever.

LuckOne day, I was sitting in the coffee shop and I heard two guys discussing something that caught my attention. As I was alone, I decided to listen to them for a while and then join the conversation. They were talking something about luck. One of them (say X) had gone for an interview, but was not hired. He was constantly cursing his luck while the other (say Y) was consoling him. They were strangers to me, yet I decided to shift my place to their table.

As I pulled out a chair, sat beside them and joined the conversation, I figured out that it was all about perception. X vehemently claimed that he had Continue reading “Success = Hard work. Failure = Bad luck?”

Being Too Social: Is It Harmful?

Being social is good, but being too social is definitely harmful if you do not know how to maintain your checks and balances. Let me explain it like this:

Look at yourself. Are you too social? If yes, then you have a lot of friends you care about. You share your joys and sorrows with them. You won’t be lonely when you are sad, as having so many friends, there will always be a bunch of friends who’ll Continue reading “Being Too Social: Is It Harmful?”

Everyone Has A Love Story

LoveYesterday, after having lunch at a hotel in the city, I was returning to my university (which is in the outskirts of the city) in an auto rickshaw. It was a public vehicle and stopped for anyone on the road to pick them up. As it stopped near the railway station, a boy got into it and boarded the seat beside me. He turned around, I recognized him – Ganesh, the boy who worked in the university canteen.

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