India’s Shift To A Gas-Based Economy

India has decided to shift into a gas-based economy gradually. This decision has been made keeping in view the urgent need of curbing greenhouse gas emissions amidst climate change and other environmental concerns. This move is expected to shell off present Continue reading “India’s Shift To A Gas-Based Economy”

The Global Oil Turmoil

Oil prices have been declining steeply over the past 18 months, from around $110 a barrel to about $26 a barrel now. Speculations are that this may even fall to $10-15 a barrel. This now comes as good news to the importers and other consumers, but it can invite an economic catastrophe in the long run. The Arab Oil Embargo of 1973 stands as a testimony Continue reading “The Global Oil Turmoil”

The Unconventional Oil Theft

It was during my intern-ship at Oil India Limited, Duliajan, Assam this year when I got to interact with many people and got a glimpse of their lives. Usually during the field visits to the oil wells, I used to sit in the front seat of the vehicle and talk to the driver during the journey from office to the oil wells, located in the suburbs or remote areas. During one of the visits, Continue reading “The Unconventional Oil Theft”

What leads to price rise in India?

Price rise and inflation have become very common terms today. Every now and then, we keep hearing these terms, be it in the radio, news channels or in the newspaper headlines. But what do they actually mean? And why do they occur? Is it always right to criticise the government for price rise or inflation?

  Inflation is the term used to denote the percentage increase of prices of different goods, commodities and services with respect to a relevant base year. It is also known as price rise in the general language of the people. Inflation is a serious cause of concern as it affects both the population and economy of a country. And India being a developing nation, inflation or price rise has a severe impact on it. This article highlights some factors that lead to price rise.

Continue reading “What leads to price rise in India?”