Sinful Expectations

I sat by the pond
with a fishing rod in my hands
a bucket beside me
to hold the catch.

I saw a stray cat
some six feet away,
its bright green eyes
juggling between the rod
and the bucket,
to pierce through its opaqueness.

I caught some fish for lunch
offered her a fish or two,
she caught them with her paws
dug her teeth right in, and
the whiteness near her whiskers
turned red with blood.

Her eyes showed no gratitude,
but only a fierce look and
greed for more.
Would a dog been different,
but dogs don’t eat raw fish, 
and I didn’t have a dog either.
I looked into
those ungrateful eyes
once more.

I think we are all like that cat
waiting for a cut from someone’s catch
as a matter of our right
with only greed in our eyes.

© Barnadhya Rwitam

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