The 5 pm Hatred

It was an exhilarating sight to see so many people coming out to boost the morale of doctors, nurses, paramedics, municipal stuff, delivery workers etc at this time of crisis, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged people to observe Janta Curfew and also show some gratitude to the people who have been constantly working to keep India and Indians safe and healthy. At 5 pm today, people clapped, rung bells, banged plates, played conch shells, sirens etc from their homes. It was like everyone was united against the Coronavirus Outbreak in India.

I was checking out my Twitter Timeline and I found a lot of people supporting the voluntary initiative. People across the political spectrum lauded the ones who are out there helping others. I think every able and sane person supported the call to exhibit appreciation and gratitude. But there also were some extremities. Some went to the extent of coming out of their homes and bursting crackers, even after repeated warnings to practice social distancing.

Then there was also a bunch of people (very few) who whisked off this initiative just because they differ with the political affiliation of the person who called for it. Their hatred for one person made them disregard an entire community of people who are working beyond their capacity to serve mankind in these tough times. They thought it was just a gimmick and supported their stance with “We do not need clapping and whistling, we need more doctors, better hospital infrastructure, more medical equipment and supplies. Clapping doesn’t kill the virus…”.

I understand and completely agree that we need more of what they are demanding. We need more manpower and infrastructure to tackle and combat Covid19. But, today’s call was just to show some gratitude to the saviors for five minutes. There was nothing political in it. In five minutes, you cannot bring more doctors, you cannot build more hospitals, nor can you get more medical supplies. These things take time and sustained effort. However, in five minutes, you can definitely show someone that you stand in solidarity with the ones fighting for a noble cause.

Politics divide people, but it’s worrisome to see some people putting their political agenda above everything else. To them, I’d like to ask, and say:

Do you think the Italians, the French or the Spanish were clapping in front of their homes to kill the virus? You really think people hope to survive a pandemic by clapping? Because I read that people from many countries, including Italy, France, Iraq, Spain, Puerto Rico, have clapped or organised social media flash mobs – to boost the morale of those working in the fight against Coronavirus – which was very similar to what was called for today. India lags behind in manpower and infrastructure, but almost every state government in India is putting a lot of effort to come up with solutions to this. Even students of universities and colleges are manufacturing sanitizers to cope with the exponential demand for the same. People outside of your ilk are doing their best to fight this pandemic, while you sit back and search political angles to everything done by them in a bid to satisfy your pathetic ego. Now if you say not all Indians came out today, you would be right, but that might be due to other valid reasons they got – bedridden patients, innocent children, ones stuck amidst serious work, mentally unstable ones etc, and also because it was voluntary. It’s disturbing to see the ones like you staying away just because of hatred, and no other reason, as it shows what hatred can turn someone into.

If your political affiliation has blinded you to the extent of disregarding an apolitical call to humanity for humanity, I would like you to know – You are a disgusting creature.

© Barnadhya Rwitam