Browse At Flipkart, Buy From Amazon

A week earlier, I ordered a book on Flipkart. The book arrived at my city last Wednesday, and I was to get it that day itself. I received an sms stating that I was to get the book that day, but the contact number of the delivery guy was not provided in the message. As I was busy during the day, I could not pick up the call of the delivery boy. The next day, another delivery was attempted with the same result. In the evening, I logged into Flipkart and sent this message:

To Flipkart

As you can see, I just asked the contact number of the delivery guy. The next day (today), there was no call from any delivery guy. In the evening, at 7:01 pm, I received a call from flipkart (I assume it was by them), yet again I could not pick up the call, but called them back immediately at 7:08 pm. There was no response, yet I tried to reach them multiple times.

And then I got a message that my request for cancellation has been accepted. When did I cancel my order?! Here are the relevant screenshots:

Look, who does this? No wonder Flipkart is an e-commerce giant in India, but they really have a pathetic customer service. It’s just horrible.

  • Nowadays, you don’t get back cash as refund when you return an item. Instead, the refund is deposited in Flipkart Wallet as Flipkart Money which you can use for further purchases at Flipkart or transfer it to your bank account. But that’s a problem again. Why go online to transfer money to your account when you could directly have it as cash? Well, that’s a marketing strategy to lure lazy people to shop more at Flipkart, rather than going online and transferring the money. Who has time for all that today?
  • You cannot change your delivery address once your order has been placed. Even if you can do it, it would be a very time-consuming process where you may need to go through a lot of formalities. This is really troublesome.
  • They are too professional. You cannot easily expect a customer care guy to address your problem promptly and effectively (which is possible in case of Amazon India). They lack accountability towards their customers.


On the other hand, Amazon India is completely different. Amazon has the highest level of customer satisfaction in India. Their customer service guys make you feel like you’re talking to a friend. I personally have so many good experiences with Amazon.

  • Once I ordered an item to be delivered in Dibrugarh. The delivery was delayed a bit and I moved to Guwahati for some work (Dibrugarh and Guwahati are 444 kilometers apart). When the delivery guy called, I told him that I won’t be able to receive the order as I was out of station. He promptly forwarded my number to the HQ (may be) and few minutes later, I got a call from their office. They asked me where I was and offered to deliver the item there, free of cost, within two working days. I really received the item at Guwahati in two days, devoid of any additional delivery charge. I was overwhelmed!
  • Once, while I was receiving an order, I realized I was short of cash by Rs. 72. I knew I would not be able to receive the order from the delivery guy (payment mode was a Cash-on-Delivery). But the guy came, delivered the order and asked me to pay him the remaining amount within 3 days or else it would be deducted from his salary. Imagine a stranger offering to pay Rs. 72 for a person whom he doesn’t even know, leave aside the gurantee of payback.
  • And unlike Flipkart, Amazon always provides the name and contact number of the delivery guy so that you may contact him if necessary.
  • Amazon offers a high flexibility of altering your delivery address or any other related issues. The customer care executive on the other end of the phone can resolve all your problems in just one call (or email).

May be, these are some of the reasons why Amazon is flooded with praises throughout the entire social media. Just google it and you’ll find so many people who have been highly satisfied with Amazon.


But a drawback is that Amazon offers a very primitive UI on both its website and app, while Flipkart scores on this with their minimalist material design. Also, Flipkart has more options to offer to the buyer, than Amazon, which generally has limited alternatives or varieties. Hope Amazon India will improve on this soon.

So, a good idea would be to:

  1. Browse Flipkart for a product.

  2. Read the product reviews there.

  3. Search for the same product in Amazon.

  4. Order the product from Amazon if it’s available there.

This is what I did just now – ordered the book (that I referred to at the outset of this post) from Amazon.

Happy shopping!


2 thoughts on “Browse At Flipkart, Buy From Amazon

  1. Amazon India is good. Their service here in guwahati is customer convinient.
    Flipkart and its family Myntra’s services in big cities like delhi and mumbai is best. Service providers of flipkart and Myntra at guwahati literally sucks. Some of the delivery boys are rude and shit. These bunch of idiots donnot attempt delivery for second time and they simply cancel your order. I had experienced this many a times and so i don’t order from flipkart and myntra when i am in guwahati.

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