Moto G (3rd Gen): Android Marshmallow Troubleshooting

Moto users have been receiving the Android Marshmallow (Android 6.0) updates Over-The-Air since the past two months. While the update brings in some good functionality in addition to Android 5.1.1, it also tends to drain the battery quite faster for the first few days. Users have panicked and some have even started looking for customers to sell their devices as they think that the new update has ruined it all and they’d never be able to get back the battery juice again.

Have patience; this is just a momentary phenomenon. I received the Android 6.0 OTA update for my Moto G (3rd Gen) during the end of January this year. After I had updated my phone, I noticed that the performance of the device had improved in terms of speed and stability. A few features were also added. You can discover the features yourself if you’ve updated your phone. Here I’ll discuss the two main issues that I faced after I updated my phone to Android 6.0 – severe battery drainage and external SD Card not shown when connected to a PC.

Battery Drainage

Battery Drainage occurs as the new OS is not accustomed to the hardware of the device unlike the previous OS. The new OS takes a few days (say around 7-10 days) to get acclimatized to the hardware and usage pattern of the phone. During that period, the phone may consume a lot of power and you may reach the level of 20% from 100% in three hours with continuous use of 3G cellular network, Wi-Fi and video streaming. This is very normal for any Android phone with a recent major software update. Deal with it for a few days and your phone will be back to normal again.

Factory Reset
Follow the red dots for Factory Reset.

What if your phone still continues to consume a lot of power?


In that case, you can go for a Factory Reset or Hard Reset (Before you go for any kind of reset, make sure to make a back-up of all your data). Initially, you can go for Factory Reset, which is available in the Settings itself. Otherwise, you can directly go for a Hard Reset using the specified combination of physical buttons of your phone. Your issue will certainly be resolved after this.

External SD Card not showing in PC

Connect SD
Follow the red dots for SD Card access

Another issue users faced is that their External SD Card was not available for use when connected to a PC. Unlike Android 5.1.1, in 6.0 you need to choose how you would like to use your device when connected to a USB cable. You can do this via a notification – “Transfer Files (MTP)” – that shows up in the notification bar of your phone just after you connect it to your PC. Even after this, if you are unable to access your SD Card, do the following:

  1. Turn Off your phone. Remove SD Card.
  2. Turn On your phone. Connect it to your PC via USB cable and select the MTP option from notification bar.
  3. Disconnect your phone from your PC. Turn it Off. Insert SD Card.
  4. Now connect your phone to your PC and select MTP option.
  5. Problem solved.

So, these are the two main issues faced by users after updating to Android 6.0 OTA. I have resolved these using the above mentioned steps. Now, my Moto G is turning better day by day with improved performance and stability. I’ve noticed that Android Marshmallow offers better battery back-up as compared to Lollipop. Other features like Do Not Disturb, Google Now on Tap, Data Usage Indicator and improved Voice Recognition are cherries on top of that.

Feel free to comment with any queries related to your Moto G (3rd Gen) Android 6.0. I’ll try to provide you the best possible answer. Till then, enjoy exploring your Android Marshmallow!

Enjoy Marshmallow


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