A ‘forcefully written’ post!

   Yes, I am writing this post forcefully. Just a few minutes back, I decided that I will write something for my blog today. And unfohqdefaultrtunately there is nothing in my mind right now except for writing whatever I can think of. This often happens. I feel like blogging more and then a hundred reasons (with excuses) come up from nowhere and I am left sitting idle and being “busy” with something that stopped me from writing something.

And I don’t think I am the only one suffer from this disease. I have seen many people like me who intend to do something productive, but something from nowhere pops up and spills the beans! I have named this “The Obstructive Syndrome” and I vehemently feel that this syndrome arises due to the inability of a person to focus on something strongly. My lack of focus arises due to laziness. Of late, I have become Babyvery lazy and lying on my bed like a log seems to be the best pastime. Irrespective of my ‘strong and committed’ plans to work, the idea of sleeping seems to dominate me. And it is not that I have done nothing to get rid of it. I have read articles, blogs and books to quit my laziness. Yet nothing seems to be of any use.

    This syndrome is affecting me. Seriously, I mean it. And that is why I have decided that I will go against it today; I will write something, at least a few words to stitch up together to make something meaningful. And hence is born this post, though not a very meaningful one like I had planned. But still, I am happy that I have kept my words and gone against The Obstructive Syndrome. And don’t worry, you won’t get such posts in future. I will try my best to post interesting stuff more frequently. Sorry for this post if it has chucked out a few seconds of your valuable time.

Have a good day!


© Barnadhya Rwitam Sharma


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